Life of a college student, am I right? This semester I’m up to my eyeballs in awesome chaos. Between philosophy (don’t ask), geology, physics, and macroeconomics (A’s so far), I’ve also been working at home, tutoring in English, Geology and Environmental Science, and working on-campus as an English 101 Supplemental Instruction Leader plus picking up […]

You know what I’m really, truly, honestly, down to my very core sick of? This freaking incision. Post-surgical recovery. Just sick of it. If you’ve never had surgery in an awkward place you’ll be surprised to find how much it limits you. My incision spans my lower back/tailbone area, so I’m aching in strange places […]

I’m winding down week one of 2013 with a decent photo-haul and some epiphanies, if you wanna call them that. Minipiphanies, maybe, of a total newbie who tries my best and has been voraciously reading the blogs, e-books and articles of those who have been there, done that for years. I’ve been internalizing their advice, […]

Recently I’ve had all the time in the world to indulge in my compulsive research habit because of surgery and I can’t do crap. It frustrates me, if you can’t tell. But hey, bright side – research! Naturally I’ve been researching photography and street photography. I came across Eric Kim’s 31 Days of Overcoming Your Fear of […]

We pulled into the pet store parking lot on a nondescript early Sunday morning. I saw this lady out of my peripheral vision and I knew I had to take her picture. She carried herself with an air of calm and self-assuredness that matched the still and quiet morning. My mom barely rolled to a […]