Still awake and alive with a ton of stuff to add!

Thrift store 4Life of a college student, am I right? This semester I’m up to my eyeballs in awesome chaos. Between philosophy (don’t ask), geology, physics, and macroeconomics (A’s so far), I’ve also been working at home, tutoring in English, Geology and Environmental Science, and working on-campus as an English 101 Supplemental Instruction Leader plus picking up odd work here and there. So far I’ve volunteered for a blood drive and some sex-positive event on campus. What’s in the very near future? An academic decathlon (because I’m nerdy like that), a super freakin’ awesome fundraising event that I’m holding up my sleeve for now, a tour at UCLA (PLEASE TAKE ME AND MY MONEY), a random book club I wasn’t expecting to join, and, oh yeah – an art show.

That’s right, my wee little fledgling street photography might actually be printed on actual paper and put up on actual walls where actual people might actually look at it.

Right. Now I’m nervous.

Above is one of my favorite pieces from a new haul. Despite my glaring absence from this blog, I have been doing my photography thing and allowing shots to accumulate in my memory card, only to be processed in one fell swoop.

I’m don’t do much street photography on campus. It’s pretty obvious when someone is taking a picture and, well, I know people there. The whole candid/incognito/natural thing is kind of a moot point then. So how can I make it happen?

Multitasking and prioritization.

Spending time outside of school and work and refocusing my time with family and friends is a new priority in my life, thanks to some unforeseen and quite painful life changes which I won’t get into because breakup drama is everywhere. In doing so, I take my camera. Problem solved. I get out of my little world, do my art, and spend time with my loved ones.

Swap Meet2 So that’s life right now. Before I leave for an LGBTQ event later tonight and a trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning, here is another photograph that I love from my recent haul. Keep shooting great photos and being generally awesome. Don’t let obligations steamroll you, but rather be so connected with this wonderfully chaotic world that you can’t help but capture it.



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